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Deployment marker/info from APM to link to Insights?




So apparently the only way to get New Relic deployment marker to appear in Insights so to do a curl twice, one the APM for deployment marker, then again to Insights Collector. Is there not a way we can just use the insights query search to leverage the APM info to gather the deployment marker info? We wanted to avoid having to go back to all our current jobs and add individual entries to also do curl to insights with the proper key and appName/appId.

Thank you,


Hi, @Suba_Bhakta: If by “deployment marker” you mean the vertical line on the chart that displays information about the deployment when you hover your mouse pointer over it:

It is not possible to display that on Insights charts, even if you make a second API call. The Insights call creates a custom event, which you may query to get information about your deployments.

I suppose you could use the REST API to get a list of deployments, then post that data to Insights as custom events.


Hi @Suba_Bhakta - There is a feature request to display deployment markers in Insights charts. Pop over and add your vote.


Thanks for sharing that link @stefan_garnham - Please do get your vote in over in the #feature-ideas post @Suba_Bhakta