Deployment markers on dashboard charts - When?

We have asked for deployment markers in dashboards for years. Since we have seen a lot of change lately with NR1 I’m wondering what the current status is for supporting deployment makers on dashboard widgets. We see them in NR charts in the various APM pages, but we do not have them on customer defined chart widgets.

We know we can hack in some markers by creating our own event types etc, but with the number of teams we have and the number of accounts we feel the best way to solve this is a native NR solution.

We would like to surface deployment markers in both prod and non-prod and we would like to surface more than one apps deployment markers on a chart.

Anything like this coming soon?


Hi @6MM, there has been some work around this feature but I want to give you a more complete answer so I reached out the product manager in charge of these efforts. Will update soon!


I was able to confirm that this is currently on the roadmap. Not able to give a specific timeframe for release but will be coming! That’s good news :slight_smile:

Maybe we con understand a little more about what the solution will be so product can flesh out the feature to meet the needs?

Indeed, direct customer feedback is important and I know our product team does work from that model. I made the product manager aware of your offer to help “flesh out” the details around this feature. Thanks :slight_smile:

Also very keen to see progress on this front, particularly as we’ve recently started deploying/updating ~30 dashboards for separate accounts via the API. This is in order to lower the barrier to access of monitoring information for our support teams.

To add to @6MM’s original request, I’d also expect to see critical/warning violation regions overlaid on dashboard widgets, just as they already appear on the APM page.

As shown above, all three of: deployment markers, warning violations, and critical violations are presented on the widgets of the APM summary page. Difficult to understand why you would not want to circulate that kind of crucial information regarding the health/status at an account-level via dashboards.

In a similar vein, even the shiny-new New Relic Workloads feature a link/filter to view violations for selected entities.

Hoping to be kept in the loop with regards to any developments made in this area, thanks.

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Thanks @rishav.dhar for adding that additional information. It has been noted :slight_smile: