Deployment tag shows only 2 hours of data

When i deployed deployment tag for one of application, it shows only few hours before and after (To be concrete 1.5 hours before deployment and 1.5 hour after deployment).

Is it intended to show mention time frame or it can be “reconfigured” ? If answer is “not for now”, is this feature is planned to be part of next releases ?


@SlavaB Do you happen to have a permalink to this application?

Thanks for response @jgoldsmith.

Here are couple links:

Thanks !

@SlavaB Thanks for clarifying! On that page you will only get that small window of time around the deployments. If you are looking at the application overview, however, you can see far greater time windows around the data.

I have gone ahead and entered in a feature request for you in regards to expanding that time range on the deployments page, however.

@jgoldsmith Thanks for the explanation and opening the feature ticket for me!