Deprecating tags.guid

Hi folks!

We’d like to inform you that we’re deprecating the use of tags.guid in favour of using the entity’s guid (entity.guid or entityGuid). This is directly related with the post on muting rules posted on the 29th Oct.

This is a consequence of the standardization of entity as the main concept to identify any single element in the New Relic One platform. With this change, we want to:

  • Avoid any confusion caused by having different mechanisms to identify an entity.
  • Deprecate current synchronization mechanisms between both ways of identifying an entity.

What does this mean to you? Not much, really. As of now, we recommend you run a quick check to see if you’re still using tags.guid anywhere in your code, and replace it with entity.guid for muting rules, and entityGuid for NRQL queries. Please take into account that the final deprecation of tags.guid is meant to happen by December 15, 2021."

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