Details needed to forward syslog from BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar) Remote Support appliance?

I’ve setup a new cloud appliance with BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar) Remote Support and their administrative interface has the ability to provide remote syslog over TLS to an endpoint. It is asking for the following items:

  • Remote Syslog Server - the hostname or IP address of a syslog host server that will receive system messages from this appliance using the local0 syslog facility
  • Message Format - only option is “Syslog over TLS (RFC 5425)”
  • Port

and then there is a place for a trusted certificate to be uploaded.
It also has a note: Note: “Syslog over TLS” defaults to TCP/6514. All others default to UDP/514.

Is the log-forwarding / log-collection capability available with New Relic compatible with this method and if so what is the server and port and certificate parts to add to this for this “Syslog over TLS (RFC 5425)” method?

If it is not is there a workaround or intermediate step to get logs from their appliance using that syslog method forwarded into our New Relic account?

@john.pataki Thank you so much for your inquiry. Fortunately we do have a syslog compatible endpoint and it can be set up using Use TCP endpoint to forward logs to New Relic | New Relic Documentation. This should allow you to ship syslogs to NR Logs.