Determining application id

In the old APM UI, it was easy to pick the application id as it is in the url for use in deployment markers via the API. With New Relic One, how do you now identify the application id? It is not in the APM url, nor under the SETTINGS -> APPLICATION menu.

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@stefan_garnham, thank you for the question. Once you enter in the APM application, there is an i icon just next to the name of the app. Click on it and it should give you app id along with the other details.


I agree, now it’s decidedly trickier to get at. Hope it reverts to some sort of standardised formatting akin the previous URLs/permalinks. This related thread discusses the URL in greater depth.

With that said, you can also get the ID’s directly from the Entity Explorer page by hovering over the application name and clicking on the :information_source: icon that appears under the Error Rate column.



Thank you @mlavania! @rishav.dhar You always provide great feedback! @stefan_garnham were you able to determine the application id?

Yes, @JoiConverse. Another bit of information learned :slight_smile:

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Fantastic @stefan_garnham :slight_smile:

I am now after policy id’s so that I can document the alert conditions, specifically the assets that are under the condition. It is frustrating to have to use the API’s to get this information.

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