Devices that support network flow data monitoring

I would like to know if network flow data monitoring is compatible with the following devices:

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Great question, the best resource to check is our Prerequisites and supported types of network flow data doc. From my understanding VIPTELA, Meraki, VeloCloud do not appear in the Supported Types section.

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We support all the standard flow protocols, such as IPFIX, netflow v5/9, and sflow. Each of those listed items is a vendor and they would all support some mix of standard flow protocols. That table in the docs is actually just an example of which vendors map to which protocol, but you can check the docs for each of your device vendors and they would be able to tell you which protocols they send flows out with. Sometimes they try to get cute and rebrand a standard protocol but in practice almost all devices work as being essentially the same as one of those main 4 protocols.


@mnetterfield Thank you for sharing that additional tip on how best to use the table in the docs :slight_smile: