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Did not receive NR certification


Hi ,

I have recently completed the the New Relic certification . but did not receive any notification nor certificate. i have checked my spam folder too.
could some one please help on it.
My email Id: Email removed by admin



Hi @sraja! This process is manual—it should take a day or two. Keep an eye out, and if you don’t see it by Friday, let us know! :blush:


Hello Team,
I have just passed my New Relic Certification Pro with 91 %. Can you please tell me, when can I receive the certificate and is there a way to share the certificate on LinkedIn.

Please Advise.




@raj.jeripotula - It may take a few days for your certificate to be issues as this is a manual process.
You’ll receive a link to the certificate in an email, where you’ll be able to add the certificate to LinkedIn.


Thanks RyanVeitch,
I Have registered for the exam with my correct full name and personal email, not partial name or work email. Can NR, Please ensure, the certificate is send with my correct full name and to my personal emails and not my work email.
Let me know, if you need clarifications.


@raj.jeripotula - Certificates are issues in the name and email address used to register for taking the test.
So if you passed and you’re eligible for a certificate, then it’ll get sent to that email. :slight_smile:


Thank you @RyanVeitch , I received the certificate in my personal email with full name in recored 2 days, as promised by New Relic University. Thanks a lot NRU, you guys rock.


Awesome - I’m glad to hear you got the certificate! And I agree, our NRU team are pretty great!


Hello @RyanVeitch,
From computer browser, when you click on the certificate, it displays certificate fine and also has the Verify button present.
But, when you click on the certificate from mobile phone, it gives 404 error. it says, Sorry, but the page you were trying to view is unavailable.
Not sure, if mobile version and Browser version are using same API to retrieve certificate or are the different.
Please advise on, why mobile version is broken.


HI, @raj.jeripotula: We use a third party (Accredible) to issue and manage certificates. I will pass your observation on to them. Can you tell me:

  • What link are you trying to visit on your mobile?
  • What browser are you using?


Hello @philweber,

I got this link from browser, , which works fine.

From Mobile, it opens within Linkedin, then lands at 404,

Hope this helps.




BTW, I tested in Mozilla, Chrome and Safari, no issues with Browser.
The issue seems to be only with Mobile version.


Which mobile browser? I just tried it on my iPhone and it works fine:



I just completed my certification exam and passed it in second attempt with 80% marks.

However the congratulations screen just came up for a second and then redirected to an error page.

Kindly help.



Hi, @shariquekhan: I just replied to your email.


Hi @philweber

It happened once again. I have replied to your email. Kindly check.




Any update on my certification attempt.



Thanks guys, got my certification


Awesome! Thanks for confirming @shariquekhan :smiley:

And Congrats on getting Certified :trophy: :muscle:


Hi NR Team,

I passed the exam and got my cerifictate but the certificate display my entire email id instead of my full name

Can you please help me correcting this?