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Didn't receive certification completion email after getting passing grade


Hi Team,

On last Friday (4th Oct) i cleared certification with passing grade but surprisingly i didn’t receive confirmation email :frowning:

Thanks in advance !


Hey @neeraj.singh1 - I wouldn’t worry - I just checked and I see your pass result in the exam log.

The New Relic University team issue certificates manually every few days - you should receive yours this week, if you haven’t by the end of the week, please let us know.


thanks for your response !

i will wait in that case. :slight_smile:

I was wondering to know what other “Certification Programs” we have in Newrelic which can be proceeded after completion of “Certified Performance Pro”.


Hey @neeraj.singh1 - I’m unsure if there are any additional certifications - but the New Relic University has a number of courses you can take here: @philweber - do you know of other resources?

In addition - you can test your knowledge on products in the Best Practice Guides here: #customer-on-boarding:proven-practices-best-practices-guide

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