Didn't receive the digital certificate for Full Stack Observability exam

Last week I have registered & taken the Full Stack Observability exam.
I have passed it and also got the below message
“Congratulations on Passing. You should receive a link to your digital certificate by email”

But I did’t get any email so far & also I do not have a right contact point to enquire.

Somebody can help to get the digital certificate link?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @karthi.gee :wave: welcome to our Explorers Hub! Well done on completing our Full Stack Observability Course. Sorry to hear you haven’t received your Digital Certificate yet. May I ask you to confirm you have checked your spam folders, to ensure it has not been blocked? Please reach out to learn@newrelic.com for Support on this.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
I could not find it in spam folder also.
So let me contact (learn@newrelic.com) the support team.

Let us know how that goes @karthi.gee!

Hi @ghoran ,
CC: @nmcnamara
Thank you very much for your support. I have sent an email to the above id.
Now I have received the certificate link.


Hi Team, Even I have not received the cert still. Checked all mail folders. It’s a month I have completed the course

Hi @Vishnu.Atma :wave: ! We are sorry to hear you haven’t yet received your Digital Certificate. For more support on this, please reach out to learn@newrelic.com. Thank you!

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Hi @ghoran i recieved the cert yesterday . Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi @Vishnu.Atma Great! We are glad to hear you have received your Digital Certificate - and well done on completing one of our New Relic University courses! Enjoy your day! :smiley:

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