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Didn't Received certification after achieving a passing grade


Hi Team,

I didn’t receive notification & Certificate within 24 hours after achieving a passing grade.

Could you please look into this on High priority & send the certification aspl.

Please find attached screenshot for achieving a passing grade.

looking forward to you…

Thanks & Regards,

Adv. Suryakant G Jadhav.


@adv.suryakant.jadhav I have direct messaged you about this :smiley:



I have also done the certification but i didn’t received.


Hey @mohanm.mathavan Issuing certifications is a manual process, so it can take some time, that said usually the wait time is below 3 days. @philweber should be able to check on that for you though.


Hi @RyanVeitch it’s already 3 days.


Hi, @mohanm.mathavan: We just issued the most recent batch of certificates, and yours was in it. (We show that you passed on 8 October, which is two days ago. :slightly_smiling_face:) Thanks for your patience!


Thanks Got it:smiley:


Hey Phil, Would be glad to receive the certificate. It has been 24 hours since I have completed the exam but have not received the certificate

Appreciate a quick reply



I never got the certificate for newrelic . I passed the exam 1 week back on 16th Oct. my mail ID from which I appeared “redacted by admins” I have completed the exam on my 3rd attempt ( which is within <3 attempts).

I am attaching the snapshot


@chandan.choudhury - Thanks for following up here. Hopefully @philweber can help with that :smiley:


Hi, @chandan.choudhury: I apologize for the delay. All pending certificates have been issued; you should have received yours. Thank you!


Thanks @philweber for the prompt reply