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Difference in External Service Average Response Time and Avg time of Transaction Segment calling that service


Any idea why there is a big difference in the average response times reported by the External Services pages (~400ms) and the average execution time for the Transactions Segment that calls that external service (~110ms). The external service is being called via the Apache Commons HTTP library and the time is being automatically captured by the Java Agent without adding any custom annotations/config.

Is it because the transactions page is including the HTTPS connection set-up time and the external services page is not?

Perma Link to transactions page


It is 1100 ms not 110 ms.


Yes, part of the difference involves CommonsHttp making the call to the External service from the transaction.
Another difference in particular is that the values in the Breakdown table for the transaction are scoped to the transaction and the External calls from that module/dashboard are unscoped. When I look at the data behind those, they are stored as separate metrics.

Having said that, I also checked the version of the agent run on this application and it’s 4.7.0
I’ve looked at the changes since that release and there are some fixes that directly impact External reporting. It might be interesting to see if a newer release would display the same difference.