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Different location in synthetic and Browser



I have defined one synthetic test which runs from China (Hong Kong) location. When I look for transactions generated by that test in NR Browser (pageViews) the country code is set to ‘US’

How to explain that?


Hey @ibarkowski - That’s not what I would expect. Let me do some testing on this and I’ll chat to the team and get back to you.


@ibarkowski - Over the weekend I heard back from the Browser team. Turns out this is not an issue with the Synthetics locations, but instead is a problem with our geo library in Browser.

We pass the IP address that connects to the browser agent through a geo library & strip out the location, and then that IP address is dumped.

It turns out that using our current version of the geo library, the Hong Kong location’s IP address is resolving to the geographic center of the United States.

We have a bug report filed internally to get that geo library updated to the latest version. We’ll try to keep you updated here as and when that does get fixed. :slight_smile: