Different query result while editing vs after saving to dashboard

Hi, I execute a query it is showing me data but after i saved it in a dashboard the same widget throwing NRQL Syntax Error.

Thank you

Hi, @sulabh.kumar1: Please post the NRQL query here.

SELECT ((filter(count(*), WHERE error is NOT true and duration <5))/filter(count(*), WHERE error is NOT true )) *100 as 'Latency %' from Transaction WHERE appName LIKE 'microservice%' AND appName NOT LIKE'microservice-webhook.service' since 1 day ago compare WITH 1 hour ago

I don’t think there is problem in query because it is showing data before saving.

appName NOT LIKE'microservice-webhook.service'

You are missing a space between NOT LIKE and 'microservice-webhook.service', but it does not seem to prevent the query from working. Also, there is no need to use LIKE unless the string contains a wildcard; you may simply say appName != 'microservice-webhook.service'.

In any case, the query appears to be working on your dashboard:

Yes i tried the simple query but data is different in edit query section and dashboard widget after saving that

Please post a link to a dashboard showing the NRQL syntax error.


You said you were seeing an NRQL syntax error. Not anymore?

That was a complex query now i am trying a simple one.

Still i am not able to see correct data in dashboard

Okay, I have edited the title of your topic to reflect the current issue. A support engineer will help you as soon as possible.

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