Dimensional Metrics Support for Service Level Management

With New Relic Service Level Management, you can define, consume, and iterate on SLIs and SLOs across all your systems and teams. These service levels can be easily set up in APM, Browser, and Mobile with one click.

And now, you can select more than Events when setting up SLIs in New Relic - we’ve added Metric as a data source! With the addition of sum (in addition to count) as a definition function, you can set up SLIs on nearly any metric or aggregate metric in New Relic. This allows for more robust, aggregated SLIs/SLOs which can fit nearly any use case for service levels.

With these changes you can:

  • Define, consume, and iterate on SLIs and SLOs across all of your systems and teams.
  • Set up SLIs and SLOs on APM, Browser, and Mobile entities in one click.
  • The new Alert button on the service levels detail page allows you to set alert policies, reduce coverage gaps, and proactively address reliability concerns.
  • You can now select Metric as a data source.
  • Added sum as a new SLI definition function.
    • In addition to the current aggregation function, count(*)
    • Note: The sum function also enables pre-aggregated metrics in events, like AWS CloudWatch metrics.

Please reach out to the New Relic support team at support@newrelic.com if you have questions about our updates to support SLIs and SLOs for dimensional metrics. Thank you!

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