Disable basic user ability to become Full Users

We would like to know if there is a way to disable basic users ability to upgrade on their own to become full users , as Basic users are prompted to upgrade themselves when they attempt to access a feature available only to full or Admin users .
This is creating a problem for us as some users who are not aware of this get upgraded when it is not needed .

Please help .

Hey @jchary, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:
In order to change the self-upgrade option, navigate to the Administration tab within the account dropdown. From there, select Organizations & Access, and then Authentication Domain. Within the Authentication Domain UI, you can make it so basic user will need to be reviewed by the account Admin(s) before they are updated to full. (example below)

(note: only users with the Authentication domain manager role can make this change)

Once you make this change, basic users will be prompted to request full user access instead of being prompted to self-upgrade. Let me know how it goes!

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Hello @nicolejohnson

Thanks for the quick response , I tried the steps you have mentioned below with our admin user which is a part of the admin group .
When i go to Organizations & Access , and then Authentication Domainunder management i click on configure but the automatic approval and require review options are disabled .
I see you have mentioned that only users with the [Authentication domain manager role can make this change,
We are using an admin user which is a part of admin group , how do we add this user to Authentication domain manager role .

I went under user management selected this user and click on edit groups under which i see only two groups admin and user , (admin is greyed out with a check mark and other is user).

Please help