Disable default style in NerdPack


We use Bulma for frontend development in our company, and we would like to use it to develop NR1 Apps, as it makes writing CSS easier for our team. We would still like to use a limited set of components from the nr1 library that integrate well with New Relic (like the Chart one), but in general, we would like to use Bulma for layout and simple common components (like Tabs or Dropdown).

While we manage to import bulma in our style.scss, we found that it is unusable due to countless conflicts with the default stylesheet (wanda–wanda-ec-ui–third-party-sdk-1e34a3bf-prod.css)

Would it be possible to allow using a version of this default stylesheet that ships with no default theme, but still provides supports for some components (like the Chart component)?

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To be clearer, what we would like is a version of the New Relic default spreadsheet that doesn’t style the HTML elements by default (no rules for a, p, table, tr …), but that still styles Component provided by the nr1 application (like the Charts)

@florent.pastor Sorry it’s been awhile. Unfortunately this category is not monitored by our support team. Have you been able to find a solution? Hoping there are other community members that may be able to help!