Disable New Relic for AMP Pages Wordpress

Hi! As there is a topic and it was the plugin (it doesn’t work anymore for me, it would be great to have a manual in one place how to disable NR for AMP pages.

For now, I had to disable web monitoring at all (settings in AMP).
My configurations:
Cloudways, so New Relic was turned on using their tool
WP Rocket
AMP Plugin

There are some recipes online, I tried a few and they don’t work. It’d be great to have one that works for sure, especially if I’m not a PHP/WordPress developer.


@services61 Hi there! How are you installing the browser agent into your application (copy/paste or APM agent inject)?

If you happen to be using the PHP agent, I’d like to pass along some documentation that may get you pointed in the right direction. You may be able to selectively ignore certain app pages from receiving the agent’s JavaScript. There also is a WordPress example included here as well:

Browser monitoring and the PHP agent | New Relic Documentation

Thank you!