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Disable notifications for an alert policy



We have policies for different environments and applications. I want to disable notifications for a particular policy during a maintenance activity.
I cannot find an option to do this, Is it possible or could this feature be implemented?


Hi, @jerald.manakkunnel: It could be simpler, but it is possible to use New Relic’s REST API to disable alert conditions. You can run a script to disable them at the start of your maintenance window, then run a script to re-enable them afterward. The process is described in detail here:


Hi @philweber,

Thanks for the info about disabling alert conditions.
However, this option is time-consuming when there is a lot of alert policies and conditions.

It would be great if there is an option to disable the notifications for an alert policy or disable all the conditions in an alert policy at once or disable the alert policy itself.

Edit: I already saw another feature request with the same issue:


Hi there @jerald.manakkunnel - Sorry there isn’t a perfect way to do this yet. You are right that it IS a feature request to do this in the way you describe (good searching!). Follow that topic for any updates.


@jerald.manakkunnel -

We have launched Muting Rules:

Check it out - it should help you solve for your problem of suppressing notifications during maintenance activity. :smiley: