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Disabled Agent but no config disabling it



I have the following newrelic.js configuration file:

'use strict'
 * New Relic agent configuration.
 * See lib/config/default.js in the agent distribution for a more complete
 * description of configuration variables and their potential values.
exports.config = {
   * Array of application names.
  app_name: ['API'],
  agent_enabled: true,
   * Your New Relic license key.
  license_key: '****************************************',
  logging: {
     * Level at which to log. 'trace' is most useful to New Relic when diagnosing
     * issues with the agent, 'info' and higher will impose the least overhead on
     * production applications.
    level: 'trace'

However, I get the following logs in my newrelic_agent.log file:

{"v":0,"level":30,"name":"newrelic","hostname":"loadtest-api-02","pid":20942,"time":"2018-01-31T04:11:20.274Z","msg":"Using New Relic for Node.js. Agent version: 2.6.1; Node version: v4.8.6."}
{"v":0,"level":30,"name":"newrelic","hostname":"loadtest-api-02","pid":20942,"time":"2018-01-31T04:11:20.275Z","msg":"Module not enabled in configuration; not starting."}

I have set the environment variable NEW_RELIC_ENABLED to true but I am also not running in a PaaS environment I don’t think that it is necessary. I have also checked my server configuration but it is set to enabled as well


@snm-sensibill Thanks for your post. The Node agent is enabled by default. Regarding the environment variable, the fact that you’re not in a PaaS shouldn’t matter.

It seems there may be an environment variable set somewhere overriding the default behavior. Can you try running env | grep NEW_RELIC_? Can you elaborate on how you set NEW_RELIC_ENABLED?


AM I supposed to run env | grep NEW_RELIC_ ? on server. if yes I tried running it but did not get any output. Could you please elaborate this process.


Hi @dasra.khadka, ye you would run this on your application server. It is basically looking for anything in your code that contains NEW_RELIC_, for example you have set the environment variable NEW_RELIC_ENABLED so this will show up in the results. It will also show any other variable that may be overriding the True Value.

Hope that explains :slight_smile:


thank you rdouglas. I had a typo in config file which was the reason for this and I resolved it now.