Disk cache / page cache metrics for Linux hosts

Is there any way to capture and report on disk cache / page cache metrics for Linux hosts?
It does not seem to be a default attribute captured by the Infrastructure agent.

Looking especially for the same metric (“cached”) that is captured by the free command in Linux.

Hi, @les.marshall: If you can get the value at the command line, you may be able to use the Flex integration to capture the value and send it to New Relic.

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Hi @philweber – Just wanted to share the YML that we used with the Flex integration to make this a reality. Thanks again!


  • name: nri-flex
    name: linuxCachedMemoryIntegration
    - name: CachedMemory
    - run: ‘free’
    split: horizontal
    split_by: \s+
    set_header: [total, used, free, shared, buffers, cached]