Disk full alert not triggered

We have a infrastructure alert that should trigger when a disk has les then 5% free space. But we now have a server which has 0% free space but no alert was activated. When i open the alert it says it has 60% free space. This is not true the server has 2 drives one 64% free the other is 0% free. Why was the alert not activated?

Hey @cliff,

Would you be able to send over a permalink to this alert condition?

You can create a permalink by clicking share or the three-dot share icon in the top right of the page. This will allow for a New Relic employee to view the exact account, page, and time period you are viewing. Here is a document that explains this in more detail: https://docs.newrelic.com/whats-new/share-dashboards-curated-views-permalinks


See here the permalink to the configured alert and here the permalink to the Infrastructure host storage.