Display data with user specified timezone?

When I look at graphs in APM, the graphs and other data correctly use my user preference time zone (UTC). However, Synthetics data and graphs are shown in some other timezone (appears to be my current local time zone).

I see a similar issue with Insights, but there’s no mention of Synthetics there.

Hi @jake_goulding, Synthetics behaves similarly to Insights in this respect, using your current local timezone.

@alexis thanks for the information, but can you provide any steps to solve my problem: How can I change the displayed timezone? Having some of my reported data in one timezone (APM) and other parts in a different timezone (Synthetics, Insights) makes it really hard to correlate data between them. Not to mention it makes comparing to server logs (in UTC, because servers are all around the world) equally tedious.

Maybe this is a bug / feature request, and I’d be happy to funnel it to the right place. Maybe I need to install some kind of browser plugin to fake my timezone? Maybe I need to find a Greasemonkey script to work around a limitation of New Relic? Maybe I need to purchase a VPN or proxy service located in UTC?


Hi @jake_goulding, sorry to hear this isn’t working very well you! If you need to work around this immediately, you’ll need to find a way to change the timezone we get from your browser (which typically is the system timezone you set). I’ve let our product team know that you’d like to have a unified view across products through our feature request system. Thanks for letting us know, and for describing how it would help your workflow – we appreciate that insight!


This shouldn’t be a feature request, it’s a bug. If you’ve got a timezone setting in the user profile that is honored across APM but totally ignored in Insights, it’s an inconsistency in the app and should be fixed.

It’s further aggravating when importing a graph from APM into an insights Dashboard, where the dates in that graph will be in the selected timezone but the rest of the Dashboard is still in whatever timezone the browser happens to be in.

And no, changing the browser’s timezone isn’t a fix. It’s needed for other things where it’s actually useful, and should be ignored here.

Please fix this guys, it’s been 2 years.



Thanks for your input, @jmnsf. It is really important that we officially file and report all the bugs that get brought to our attention in this community. I will be sure to pass this along to the right people.

Please check back later for further news regarding this change. :blush:

Has there been any update regarding time zone unification across the tools?

Hey @Ralphm3 - I’m afraid I have no update for you! Different parts of the UI look at different tools for timezone. Such as the User Preferences preset timezones, or system & browser timezone.

I’ll get your request added on to our feature request internally. :slight_smile:

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Is there a timeline for this feature request (bug) to be implemented?

@nickscali Currently there isn’t a timeline to share. As was mentioned previously there are different tools for the various timezone settings. Some work is planned in this area.

What kind of work is planned?

@nickscali Your desire for further info is understandable. When there is more that I am able to share, I’ll make sure to update the community. :slight_smile:

I’m currently comparing all observability tools and have come across this also, though in logs. Logs refuses to accept that there is an extra hour available to me, because of daylight savings, meaning logs are not query-able in real-time, even though they have been ingested into NR. I can find them by scrolling through, but relative queries fail as “30 minutes ago” is really " an hour and 30 minutes ago"… pretty embarrassing NR! This is core functionality that means Logs is unusable for real-time troubleshooting.

Hi @io14, welcome to the Explorers Hub. I can appreciate the frustration here. Especially considering your need for real time queries for your logs and not having access to that. We have a lot of work coming down the pipeline and hopefully this will be put in place. As soon as there is any update, we will let the community know.