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Distributed Tracing Overhead


Hi, can anyone confirm if the Distributed Tracing feature available on New Relic brings any additional overhead to the JVM once it’s activated?

I can suppose so as a great feature as this doesn’t come activated by default, but I can’t find any reference regarding this.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @mmvarge,

There shouldn’t be any noticeable changes to the JVM with distributed tracing activated. Currently, we don’t have any history of the Distributed Tracing feature causing an overhead to the JVM at this time. By default the Distributed Tracing feature is turned-off because we don’t want it to cause changes to the behavior of Cross Application Tracing feature on the Java agent and where external metrics are reported. As this is a change in the previous behavior. We want to give customers the opportunity to add those changes as need.

The product is still fairly new and we are collecting as much information to help improve our product. But, if your application experiencing some overhead caused by Distributed tracing, then you can reach-out to us to further investigate this issue.