DNS resolution errors for domain

Since August 23 we are getting flapping ping errors for one of our domains. The behavior is something like

  • A couple of hours the domain is unpingable
  • About on hour no problems
  • A couple of hours unpingable again
  • Then some time no problems
    This repeats for the last 8 days now.

The error message is always the same “DNS resolution error for …”. However, if we manually resolve the domain it works without errors. Also pinging the domain does not give us any errors.

Did this get resolved? Is that why you want it deleted? I am getting emails every 5 min about DNS resolution, and this is basically the title of the ticket I would have created…

Here I see basically happy Synthetics availability monitor: https://synthetics.newrelic.com/accounts/404656/monitors/aeb8388c-9daf-45af-ae95-dbd0579625ac?tw[start]=1471886160&tw[end]=1472490960

Here I see a SUPER unhappy APM availability monitor: https://rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/404656/applications/18256344/downtime

Why the discrepancy? The site does not appear to be having any issues, but I keep getting a “DNS resolution error for exoplanets.nasa.gov

Unclear why that’s failing.

I am also curious, @Rudy! If you were able to solve this, please share what happened for the rest of the Community. Thanks!

Yes, we were able to solve this - kind of.

The problem is, that we were using the “old” Availability monitoring. As this monitoring will be deprecated we switched over to Synthetics (using the ping plugin). This “solved” the problem for us and we are getting stable reports now.

Great, @Rudy! Thanks for letting us know about your solution/workaround! I am glad Synthetics seems to be winning for you—let me know if you have any questions.

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