Do we have any feature to do Order By


In Insights query can we do Order by?



Hey Lakshmi,

We don’t currently have an ORDER BY equivalent. Order is determined by TIMESTAMP so the latest data is the first you see.

The only time Timestamp isn’t the first is when faceting by an attribute or doing maths on a query. In these cases, the first column selected will determine the order.

Are there any plans to implement an order by? Consider a list of background transactions, or http requests. Searching for one would be a lot easier if they were alphabetical by default (or by column selection). I really miss datadog for things like this.

Hi there @ives.stoddard - I can’t speak to the roadmap right now, but I can tell you that there is an existing feature idea. If you can add your vote and your specific use case to the thread it will help our product engineers:

I want/need this to. I can’t vote for it - nothing happens when I press “I want this, too”


Hey @rigr - I don’t see an issue with the poll in that post - though I can get your +1 added internally. Thanks!