Docker Images on WSL2 (Ubuntu 18.04) - No data, many StorageSampler errors

Trying to monitor Docker instances on WSL2 (Win10, Ubuntu 18.04) and seeing inconsistent or no ContainerInstance results sent.

Docker Compose:

      - ./.env
    container_name: newrelic-infra
    image: newrelic/infrastructure-bundle:latest
      - SYS_PTRACE
    network_mode: host
    pid: host
    privileged: true
      - /:/host:ro
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
      - ./etc/newrelic-infra:/etc/newrelic-infra:ro
      - ./etc/nginx/nginx.nginx:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:ro
    restart: unless-stopped

I’m getting data from individual integrations (pgSQL, nginx, Apache, Redis, etc) but no info about the Docker instances themselves. As you can see, I’m using the infrastructure-bundle image. Perhaps there is a config for Docker that I’m missing? I can’t see anything in the docs - it’s supposed to be automatic it seems.

Perhaps related, perhaps not, I’m also getting tons of StorageSampler errors like:

time=“2021-02-15T17:23:22Z” level=warning msg=“can’t get disk usage. Ignoring it” component=StorageSampler error=“no such file or directory” mountPoint=/host/mnt/wsl/docker-desktop-bind-mounts/Ubuntu-18.04/8a5edab282632443219e051e4ade2d1d5bbc671c781051bf1437897cbdfea0f1/mnt/wsl/docker-desktop-bind-mounts/Ubuntu-18.04/1e7e37fc2810de8bf6882186a7f336fd57dd5482c38ac7cb91fa702d026b3f6f

These come every few seconds making it impossible to see actual errors that might be happening.