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Docker Swarm Cluster Total Resources Used


Hello - Recently i have been tryin new relic systhetics, i see this as a pwerful tool to drive metrics for anything.

I need a quick help, we are using docker swarm wanted to get total cpu cores and memory across the cluster of 5 nodes and its usage into one chart, any same ple query?

Similar to the image


Hi @NewCurious -

Can you share a link to the chart you screenshotted? I’d like to look at the data underneath to understand what it is you are looking at, and if we can help you get what you need.


Here you go

What i am trhying to achieve is 3 Docker nodes (sum up there memory and cupu cores) and show their usage

Similar to the below


I see! Thank you for that blog link, that helped me find the dashboard, and that widget.

The query for that widget is:

FROM K8sNodeSample SELECT (average(cpuUsedCores) * uniqueCount(entityName)) as 'Cores',  (average(memoryUsedBytes) * uniqueCount(entityName)) / 1000000000 as 'Mem GB'

Which right now looks like:

You can add on to that:

( average(fsCapacityBytes) - average(fsAvailableBytes)) / 1000000000 AS 'FS Used Gb'

Which will get you the File System Used storage.


Thanks Ryan…its useful