Documentation tag, What it means and How to use it!

Hello Community, I hope you are doing well.

We are focusing on using the “documentation’ tag more regularly. It will be applied to future posts that have New Relic documentation, that was used to help us come to a Solution.

What’s the purpose of this tag?

Searching in the community for posts that tackled a similar issue can sometimes be challenging as there are often many posts with different approaches to an issue. It can be a great benefit when we can narrow down the search using tags.

By applying the “documentation” tag to your search, it will return only posts with this tag, making it easier to filter out results solely related to your query and finding New Relics Docs linked in the posts that helped resolve the issue.

How do I search using a tag?

When at the Explorers Hub home page, selecting “Find An Answer”, opens up a new page with the ability to search within the community via different categories, tags and even by user.

Selecting the “tagged” box will open a dropdown menu, however you can also type to search here. By searching for “documentation” here it will greatly help narrow down the search.

Please see the below screenshots for reference.

Also the tag can be noted below the title of a post. Please see the below screenshot indicating this as well as highlighting the documentation in the post.