Does MINION_VSE_PASSPHRASE work with Ping Monitors?

Hi! So we are testing the Private locations feature. I created a Private location and, for testing purposes, launched a docker container in my own computer. The docker command has the MINION_VSE_PASSPHRASE parameter and the Private location has the Enable verified script execution option checked.

I created a ping monitor to check if the monitor would have access to one of our intranet sites and I expected to ask for the passphrase to be able to use the private location, but it doesn’t.

Maybe this passphrase functionality is only for Scripted Monitors?

NOTE: The monitor indeed has access to the intranet site, but I expected the passphrase to be mandatory.

Hey @dhernandez1,

You’re correct. The MINION_VSE_PASSPHRASE is only for protecting the scripts of a Scripted Browser or API test.

You can find information on how to enable script verification here:

You must use scriptLocations to set the password. You can find info on that here:

Here are some tips on creating the correct HMAC values from your script:

Let me know if this helps!

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