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Does New Relic One support export to CSV function on table widgets ..?


Not seeing an option to export to CSV on some of my tables using NR One, am I missing something that glaringly obvious …?


Hey @LAMBERT I believe the results format must be table in New Relic One.

This appears to be working for me as you can see from the share dropdown.

Could you link me to a chart that is not letting you export? I’ll take a look for anything obvious that may be stopping you from exporting.


Hi @RyanVeitch try this one, a number of tables without an option to export to CSV. I could very well be missing something here, but can’t see any link to export.


@LAMBERT - Hmmm it does look like creating CSVs isn’t possible out of dashboard widgets, but you can hit the 3 dot ellipsis > View Query > Run in Chart Builder

There you’ll have the share option to export CSV.

I’ll check in with the devs and see if this is expected. If not, I’ll get a bug filed internally for you.


@RyanVeitch If it were for my use only then that would be fine, but unfortunately i’m building this for other users, so the option of viewing query, run chart builder etc. is not realistic.


Understood - I’ll let you know what I hear back from our dev team.