Domino APM monitoring

Hi there!

I`ve been working to have my application working with Golden signals and recently I knew the ‘DominoStats’ plugin is gone. So, we have been trying to cover the APM (latency, errors, traffic) signals with statistics provided by ‘Metrics’, on my Insights dashboard.

My question goes for those experienced with Domino: What metrics you consider relevant to monitor? I have plenty of stuff under ‘Metric names’, still, I`m not sure what is relevant

@wesley.ameixoeira Thank you for this question. I want to make sure you’re aware that since Domino is a 3rd party platform our support team will not be able to offer insights. However, I’m very curious to see if there are other community members with the experience you seek that can tell you about the metrics they monitor. :slight_smile:

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This guy has a pretty decent write up on the relatively few metrics that are important imo:


Thank you for the assist here @Micael.Ekelund!

Thank you all for collaborating.

I`ve been struggling to figure out what certain metric names mean, although some are pretty much intuitive like “Http.Worker.Total.Http.Requests”, others are not.

I`ve been also searching for further reference and documentation about these metrics names, but to no avail.