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Doubts related to monitors (browser logs)


Hi New Relicbers.
We have seen some violations in one of our Synthetic monitor (page load timeout), checking more in details I saw this:

I am sort newbie checking browser logs but I see this:
“An operation was aborted (due to user action)-3” What does exactly mean user action? I thought scripts were automatically executed by a machine.


Hi @leo.zuniga, the Chrome error -3 An operation was aborted (due to user action) usually points the presence of an alert dialog or authentication prompt. WebDriver is unable to interact with elements such as these, causing the Synthetics check to hang and eventually fail after reaching the timeout threshold. Is there ever an occasion where an alert dialog box or authentication prompt will be present on this page on load?

Synthetics Monitors are scripts run by machines, but designed to simulate real-user actions so most sites will not be able to tell the difference between a script and a user making those actions