Downgrading subscription at the first month causes unrealistic subscription penalty

I have a Infrastructure Essentials subscription started at 2017-12-20. Wanted to cancel it today but there is a $115 subscription penalty. My monthly bill is $10.50 The system trying to charge me for the rest of year. That didn’t feel right hope you can fix this.

@ali39 I’m going to get our account team to help you with this downgrade/cancel request. You should receive an email from them soon.

Unfortunately account team did not help me. I had to pay the penalty for the service that I am not going to use for the rest of the year.

Hi @ali39, I’v recreated a ticket for you to follow up on this. Billing issues are something that can’t be supported on the community as we simply do not have the capability to do so. I would advise that you follow up when they reach out.