Downtime Alerts in Slack channel

Hello NR friends,

I’m using NR for server monitoring and I’m wondering if it is possible to configure alert notifications when a particular server stops being monitored.

I’ve already configured a policy that uses e-mail and Slack as notifications channels. (So, I’m using the new alerts features here, not the legacy one.).

When my server stops being monitored (i.e., server meets downtime) for some reason (server shutdown, for example), I also would like to receive a notification of such event in my Slack channel.

I haven’t found a condition that targets downtime in the “Alerts New” menu. (There are only thresholds like CPU, load average, memory, fullest disk, disk IO and custom).

Any help, please?

Thanks again for all your attention and support.

Hi, @lgfelicio: New Alerts do not currently support server downtime alerts (you may add your feedback in this poll as to how you would like this feature to eventually work).

In the meantime, if you still have access to legacy alerts, you may use them to notify you when a server has not reported for some period of time. You may install New Relic’s Slack plugin to allow New Relic to post legacy alert notifications to a Slack channel.

P.S. – Another option is to use a Synthetics monitor to alert you if the server does not respond to a ping.