Drain syslog from render.com


We’re on render.com and I’m trying to drain the syslog of our queue to New Relic. According to their docs, Render streams logs “to any logging provider that supplies a TLS-enabled syslog drain. Service logs are delivered to the provider’s syslog endpoint via TCP, and are formatted according to RFC5424.”

However, all questions about syslog drains are about Heroku and the syslog integration neither seems to be a fit.

How can I do this?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi @svoop_jhw4gj94x9

Im not sure what you are trying to achieve, with New Relic you are forwarding your logs to our service, not draining them . does Render have a doc on how to do this with New Relic.

Hi @GlenOFoghlu

My bad, I’m calling it “drain” since log drain is a term often used for this. In fact, I’d like to forward the syslog stream to New Relic.

Render does have some documentation as mentioned above, none for New Relic specifically. But your documentation for Heroku sheds some light. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Render asks for an endpoint URL and a token. I’ve taken the URL from your Heroku docs: newrelic.syslog.eu.nr-data.net:6515. Render doesn’t protest, so I suppose it’s streaming the logs there now.

Now when I check the logs on New Relic, nothing is showing up.

Hi @svoop_jhw4gj94x9

Ah ha… that makes sense… yes our agents support logs in context ( log forwarding) We typically handle this at the agent level. So if you are using any of the supported New Relic languages you can do it through it. → APM logs in context | New Relic Documentation

In reading this doc → Logs in context of your app and host data | New Relic Documentation it mentions Syslog, and you can use a TCP endpoint, it also shows there may be some additional configs required → Use TCP endpoint to forward logs to New Relic | New Relic Documentation

I hope this helps.

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