Drop/Throttle Metric Data

My current account costs are too high and want to throttle or drop some metric data.
Using the graphql query, i was unable to drop Metric data.

             "description": "The following event types are disallowed for DROP_DATA rules: [Metric]",
             "reason": "INVALID_QUERY"

What options do we have to throttle or manage the metric data?

Hey @rashmi.modhwadia

I’ll help get you in touch with our accounts team who can better help with info on managing spend, and cutting usage to do so. :slight_smile: Watch out in your email for that

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Thanks muchly @RyanVeitch!

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@RyanVeitch - I have not heard back anything from anyone yet. The data spend is getting bit too high - how long you think will it be before someone will reach out?
Would you please be able to expedite my case? thanks,