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Dummy License Key for testing install process




We’re using Chef to install infrastructure agent version 1.3.18 on Windows Server 2012 R2 (Pro Infra Acct). The installer fails if the license key provided is invalid, which for a production situation is a good thing. However we use Chef Kitchen to test our config management and the dummy license key we use in testing will not produce a successful install. We don’t want to put our real license key in source control to make the tests pass.

What is the recommended solution? Should we create a separate subaccount or is there a universal dummy key we can plug in?




Hi, @ray.myers: You can set the license key as an environment variable called NRIA_LICENSE_KEY. Then put a placeholder in the config file, like ${NRIA_LICENSE_KEY} or 0000000000000000. The agent will pick up the license key from the environment variable without your having to put the actual key in the file.