Duplicate alerts

I have multiple environments (let’s say dev,prod), so each environment has its own slack channel.
In order to achieve this I have created 2 Alert conditions (let’s say dev,prod), and if I want the same alert condition I need to duplicate them, but it seems that on some it’s possible (there is a copy button) and on some it’s not possible by using the UI (see pic)

what is the best way to duplicate alert conditions ? or there is another way to achieve multiple environments and slack channel to each environment ?

Hi @dors1

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Great question, I did a little digging and found a post in the community that may be of assistance to you.

See this post, as it discusses how to copy policies. There is also a great post on copying multiple alert conditions.

I hope this was helpful, please let me know if this provided successful in helping you.

Hi @dcody ,

Thank you for your quick answer, I already saw those posts and it seems that I have to use the api in order to duplicate alert conditions.

Any chance that add copy button is in your roadmap?
It can be much easier for me

@dors1 - This would be a Feature Request and is one our customers have been asking for. You can read about what’s coming soon for Alerts here. Hopefully, a copy button will be on the horizon although nothing at this point.