Duplicated account

Hi, I have 2 accounts associated with my company email. The original one was set up via Single-Sign-On system with the the link “Confirm Access” from my email, so I don’t know what credentials is using. When I wanted to enter in https://learn.newrelic.com/ ask me for that credentials, then I accidentally created another account which I want to delete now.

@gustavo.matto Sounds like you got a little web of accounts here :slight_smile: I will have our account management team reach out to you to help clean it up.

Ohh… really? so many accounts did I create? :weary: Ok, thanks for the help!

@gustavo.matto no worries at all. Just referring to the two you mentioned :wink:

Thanks, by the way the 2 accounts are: [redacted by New Relic]

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