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Hey, are there many New Relic users that are smaller ecommerce businesses ($10m annual revenue, simple retail ecommerce transactions), that have found the browser insights extremely useful? A lot of the data and insights discussed by New Relic is honestly very pertinent to our detailed look at optimizing every transaction and improving our customer experience. I just want to make sure it isn’t overkill – is it actually quite more useful than Google Analytics in terms of optimizing page speed and gaining deeper insight into bottlenecks?


Hey @brig - Your post seems more aimed at other NR users in a conversational thread than a question to that our Support Team will interact on, so I’ve moved this post out to our more conversational space.

You are right though, to point out that Browser can be extremely useful in an ecommerce environment.

Here’s one of our Demo dashboards (Using real queries on a dummy site with dummy data)

I think that the value obtained in standard browser data is great! You can build out funnel charts showing the drop off rate of users going from Home Page > Item > Cart > Payment

You can tie it in with the number of live users in your site by pulling the uniqueCount of sessions over the last 5 minutes.

You can look at what kind of errors are coming up if you tie this in with an APM Backend app. Looking at the TransactionError event, you will be able to query for error messages to show you how many users are unable to login, how many users are hitting non-200 responses, how many users are suffering with random errors adding items to carts?

With that said, you can boost the value obtained in browser significantly with some custom attributes. You’ll see in the screenshot above widgets detailing Daily Orders & Revenue for the Quarter, this data is queried using an attribute we have called PurchasedCartGrandTotal, A custom attribute that is added in to the browser data from the purchase payment page.

This too lets us run some maths where we can say for example, what is the average purchace cart grand total? How many purchase pages hit errors?

The average cart total then multiplied by the number of errors, is our potential revenue at risk due to site errors.

Having those figures are pretty helpful in understanding how much money could be saved for the company by getting errors fixed :smiley: