ECS Fargate sidecar agent custom configuration

Working on getting the ECS integration set up in our dev account as a proof of concept. We run our tasks on ECS clusters via Fargate, rather than our own managed EC2 instances. Most of the documentation I have come across for customizing the integration seems to be specifically for the latter. I have a few questions that I would love some extra info on:

  1. I have tested adding the newrelic-infra container as a side car to one of our task definitions and can now see both the main container as well as the newrelic-infra container in Entity Explorer > Containers, which is great. However, scaling the count of running tasks just brings up duplicate named containers, since the hostname seems to default to container name. This isn’t very useful from a metrics / infra debugging perspective. How can we modify the container name as it appears in the entity explorer UI to reflect something more useful, say IP address of associated container? I saw that there is an NRIA_DISPLAY_NAME override variable, however, I a.) don’t even see any IP related information when drilling into my containers currently showing in UI b.) can’t find any relevant documentation on how to configure something like this in Fargate (only seeing info for on-host EC2 agent).

  2. I also have the ECS integration via Infrastructure > AWS enabled, which shows ECS dashboard and cluster statuses now in Entity Explorer. Is there a way to tie the services from that dashboard to the service task containers in Entity Explorer > Containers?

  3. In the example here: a variable NRIA_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES is defined with an example. How does one access this attribute in the Entity Explorer UI? I searched tags/attributes and tried to filter by the example custom attribute and can’t find a reference to the example nrDeployMethod anywhere in the UI.