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Email Alerts are not going out

  • Please describe what are you seeing:

      Group Email is not receiving any new relic alerts.
  • How does this differ from what were you expecting to see?

      All emails should receive a new relic alert as long as they are in a  notification channel.
  • If you aren’t seeing expected alert or data, please provide a link to the incident or violation (policy, condition, data app etc.)

Here is the Notification Channel -->

Our team had added * to the allowed domains list, but we still do not receive an email.

Any suggestions on what may be causing this issue?


Hi @ynieves, I’m seeing that we received a hard bounce from your email distribution list on 9/25 for the following reason:

Delivery restriction check failed because the sender was not authenticated when sending to this group

Following that, this email address was placed on our suppression list.

It’s possible that a notification may have gone out before the inbox was properly configured to authenticate all New Relic domains. Either way, I’ve removed it from our suppression list – let me know if you’re able to receive notifications now. (If not, I’ll check our logs again to see if there’s anything further I could provide to help.)


@jeffrey_s that did the trick, I am able to received notifications now. Thank you!


You’re welcome, @ynieves!