Email Alerts not being Sent

We have a few users that are not getting alerts by email anymore. They are all on the same email domain and have been set to receive alerts via email. If I add a new user then they will receive alerts it just appears to be the existing user. Any thoughts as to why this would be happening?


Hi @michael_webster,

Would you be able to send me a link to your alert policies so I can investigate this for you?
Only New Relic staff and users of your account will be able to access the link.

Please let me know if you require further assistance or have any additional questions.

Here you go:


Hi @michael_webster,

I’ve checked with our mailing provider and it looks like those addresses were stuck in a filter due to previous failed deliveries. I’ve updated this now so your team should receive alerts as normal.

We are having the same issue. I assumed that it was a spam filter, but newly added users on the same domain have no issues with emails from NewRelic. Any user created before August 5, 2014 does not receive alerts.



@ball had encountered the same issue and I have now resolved this.

Fantastic. It is working for me, but there are 3 other users who are still not receiving emails: cioan, mgoodrich, and mseaton. Could you also fix those?


No problem, @ball. I’ve sorted these for you.

Also the same problem here. I added a new email to our channels that receives the emails normally, but our old account email is not receiving anything.


@iradv Looks like you ran into the same issue on one of your alert channels. I’ve taken care of it. Let me know if you continue to experience problems.

We are seeing the same issue -
Receiving via gmail, but not via the other email addresses

@SuperAmart the non-gmail emails on this account were on our suppression list due to messages being hard bounced in the past. I removed them from the list so the system will start sending messages to those addresses. I recommend verifying that messages from * are allowed through your mail server.

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We just did an email migration and I believe that the emails were bouncing for a time. Please remove them from your filter.

Hey @jstlns - I checked on your user address and wasn’t able to find any suppression in our mail provider’s records. Also checked a handful of other users in your account (including the account owner) and was unable to find any suppressions.

However, I was able to find some previous bounces against yours and other users.

To make sure that the message isn’t getting caught in your spam filters, try adding and * to your white list of trusted email sources.

If you or other teammates of yours continue to fail to receive email alerts, please open up a support ticket (or request us to open one for you here) at

Some of my team has been experiencing this same problem. Our 24x7 monitoring team is still receiving alerts and notifications, but the actual on-call operational team has not received anything since the 17th. Our domain email has been having issues over the past week, but I would like to verify that our emails are not being filtered on New Relic’s side, as well.


@sean.lanich In order to verify that I am going to create a support ticket for you. That way we can dig in and look at who, how and why some people are getting alerts and others aren’t. Look out for my email! :envelope_with_arrow:


We are facing similar issue, our monitoring team is not getting any mails from the newrelic. Would you be able to check on this? Please find the server policy set from my side :


Hi @sreejith.p,

I took a look at the policy you shared and found a number of addresses were on our suppression list due to messages being hard bounced in the past. I have removed these addresses from the suppression list so our system will begin sending messages to these addresses again. I also recommend verifying that messages from * are allowed through your mail server.

We have one email which receives a test alert message and one which does not. Both return Test message successful. Would you be able to check on this?