Email Alerts not being Sent

Hi @faye.stanley
I just checked emails you have set up in your notifications channels and one of them was on our suppression list because of Hard Bounce. I would suggest whitelisting our emails. This should resolve your issue.

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Hi we have exactly the same issue

We’ve also changed mail service provider recently.

@p.daneels thanks for letting us know, I did find one of your emails set to be notified was on our suppression list for hard bounces; I’ve since removed it from that list, so you should be all good to go.

Also make sure to check out Vedran’s advice above about whitelisting, it’ll help make sure you receive our notifications :slight_smile:

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Could someone check if the same issue exists with my account? I havent received New Relic notifications in a while:

I’ve also added newrelic to the whitelist as suggested.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @arctodus,

You were correct! I did find your email address on our suppression list and have since removed it. Please let us know if you continue to not receive these notifications.

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I have the same issue.
Last several monthes I have not receving notifications to my e-mail, but another e-mails receive notifications without problems.
Test alert message also not delivered to my e-mail, but success delivered to another e-mail.
Please check account:

Hi all,

I have the same issue.
I have added a new notification channel by email: It report successful when sending test notification, but do not receive a message, both for our group email and my personal gmail.

any commits or suggestions? why test notification report success, but no email received?

After testing again, It seems personal working email account can receive test notification, but our group email still can not receive test notification.

Hi @abiryukov,

Your email was found on our suppression list for repetitive soft bounces. It is now removed. Please let us know if you are still not receiving notifications from us!,

On our side, it looks like these emails were delivered to the group email address. Is it possible that this is an internal-only group address or New Relic is being blocked from the network?

Many messages end up caught in a company’s spam filter. The best way to ensure that your system recognizes email sent by us as legitimate messages is to add and * to your whitelist or “Safe Senders” list as a trusted email source.

Please let us know if updating these settings allows for you to receive the email.

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@sread Thank you, now I receive notifications.

Hey everyone - Just a heads up that we have a nice post that explains how our suppression list works and how to stay off of it! You may want to review some of these practices:


@sread, you are right, our group email is an internal-only group address, so it can not receive email from New Relic. Thanks very much.

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can somebody please verify that our email address didn’t end up in the suppression list? We’ve not been receiving email alert notification for a few weeks.


Looks like your team@“yourdomain” was found on our suppression list, @alexamirante. Two “hard bounces” (bounce code 5.1.1 - emaildoesntexist) on Nov. 9th.

I will go ahead and remove that email address from the list, and this is definitely something you will need to sort out on your end asap.

Like @hross mentioned above, here is a post with some tips to make sure you stay off the list:

Thanks and let me know if you need help with anything else! :blush:

Hi. I need help. I am not receiving notifications by e-mail


It looks like the domain you mentioned had multiple suppressions on it including yours! They were all suppressed due to Hard Bouncing. I went ahead and removed all the emails from the suppression list so you should be good now :slight_smile:

Make sure to take a look at the post @hross mentioned above. It’ll help to prevent these issues in the future!

And as always, feel free to let us know if you have any other questions :sunny:



I’m having the exact same issue, it was fixed before but only for a short while.
We are using office365 and the domains are added tot the whitelist, so I don’t see why this fails.

Could you remove my email from the suppression list?

Hi @p.danneels

I’ve gone ahead and removed you from the suppression list!


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