Email alerts Not working

Hello new relic,

I am no longer receiving any e-mail alerts to the e-mail address [email redacted].

There is no issue with my email server, i am using Google apps for work and zoho mail server’s for above domain’s.

Hi @geetansh

Oh no! Looks like these addresses landed on our suppression list. I have removed them from suppression.

Please let us know if you are now receiving alert notifications.

Hello sread,

Any idea why my email was in your suppression list.

It was suppressed for a hard bounce. Unfortunately, we do not have bounce codes or headers to help investigate further, due to the age of this occurrence.

I too had this issue and discovered my alerts were being ‘supressed’.

No idea why, and was not informed of this, great work !

Hey all -

We just posted an article that explains how and why this happens, as well as a few steps you can take to avoid the issue.

Hope that helps!

We are facing similar issue, our team is not getting any mails from the newrelic. Would you be able to check on this?