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Embedded widgets in a data app dashboard don't display due to CSP Violation



Recently it seems it is impossible to use the button on any executed query, as there is now a CSP that prevents any frame ancestors from being allowed, and placing the chart in an iframe, as described in the help documentation: does not work. Suggestions?


Hey @chris.fagyal - I’m curious if you get the same behaviour when getting a chart link from the newer Chart Builder in New Relic One?

Here’s docs on that:


@RyanVeitch - Sorry for the delay I was out last week. Just tested this using the chart builder in New Relic One with the share link, and we see the same behaviour and error message.


Hey @chris.fagyal -

Thanks for the update - I’ve passed this on to the right engineering team to get some feedback from them.

I’ll follow up here when I hear back. :smiley:


@chris.fagyal -

We’re struggling to reproduce this issue - could you share (by private message here) a public link to a page you are embedding charts in?