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Enabling distributed tracing across different services via SQS messages



We are attempting to enable distributed tracing across two different services via SQS messaging. Both applications are using the java agent with a version of 4.11. We have verified that the second service is receiving the TraceContext from the first service (which looks like this: “{“d”:{“ac”:“159689”,“pr”:1.644022,“tx”:“8d5e9863315f0e14”,“ti”:1565717809811,“ty”:“App”,“tk”:“70766”,“id”:“51c53a6532ef14bf”,“tr”:“8d5e9863315f0e14”,“sa”:true,“ap”:“2971314”},“v”:[0,1]}”), and calling acceptDistributedTracePayload(). However, NewRelic doesn’t seem to be doing anything with the context and is not linking the services together. Any help would be appreciated.

First service (sending):[end]=1565718035&tw[start]=1565716235

Second service (receiving):[end]=1565718035&tw[start]=1565716235


Typically, such issues are an inability for the agent to trace the communication through or something is happening with the headers. Is it safe to assume you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps in