Enabling SSO SAML & effects on mobile application users

Hey folks quick question i’m looking into enabling SSO on the master account for my organization. A couple of the Mgrs use the New Relic mobile application for monitoring and we were wondering if SSO worked with the mobile application?

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Hey @richl! Sure you can log in via SSO to the New Relic Mobile Apps.

The steps for SSO log in are below:

  1. In the mobile app, input the email address used for accessing the account.
  2. Tap the ‘I don’t have a password’ text, wait for email.
  3. Open the email received in the phone’s email app and use this to complete the verification process. (note that the email’s link will expire after 20 minutes)

You can find our apps here:

New Relic for Android.
New Relic Insights for Android.
New Relic for iOS
New Relic Insights for iOS

Let us know if you need any help getting SSO set up on your account :smiley:

That will solve my problem, thanks for answering my question.