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End-of-Life: APM Notes



On January 8, 2020, New Relic will remove the Notes feature from the APM product. After that date, Notes will no longer be able to be viewed, created, edited, or shared.

Why remove Notes?
Relatively few of our customers use Notes, so we have decided to remove the feature so we can focus our efforts on the New Relic One platform and reduce the surface area for potential security vulnerabilities.

What alternatives do I have for collecting charts in one place for collaboration?
You can add APM charts directly to Insights dashboards today. Those dashboards are also available in New Relic One (NR1) to share with anyone in any account you have access to. You can annotate the charts in these dashboards with notes in Markdown format.

What alternatives do I have for sharing New Relic charts publicly?
NR1 allows you to generate public links to any chart, as well as generate a downloadable image of any chart.

What alternatives do I have for sharing chart data during an incident?
New Relic Alerts integrates with popular collaboration tools like Slack to show charts with data relevant to an incident, in the place where you work together to resolve the incident.

What alternatives do I have for saving historical chart data?
We recommend using our APIs to retrieve data for offline analysis.

How do I retrieve my Notes data before it goes away?
The data underlying the charts in Notes will continue to be stored according to our aggregation and retention policies.

You can use the metric data REST API to retrieve data shown in Notes charts.

Please post here with any feedback or questions about this announcement.